Faiths Faces Kelowna: Basic information provided and my ratings ...

Faiths Faces Kelowna

This is a personal experience exploration of the different churches, temples, mosques, etc. in Kelowna. Through this weekly experience, I hope to become more spiritually-oriented, while getting to experience different religions, and different slants on the Christian experience.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Basic information provided and my ratings ...

I generally hope to fill out all the ratings and information for each service I attend ... please add a comment if you'd like to see something else added ...

Date & Service Attended:


Other parts of the service:

My feelings/thoughts:

Other things: (occasional comments on church goings on, or musings about the service, situation, etc.)

My own very personal ranking on the service and sermon overall: [I loved it!] [I liked it a lot] [It felt "Average" to Me] [Not Really for Me] [Definitely Not for Me]

Religion: [Christian]
Denomination: xx
Size of Congregation: [Small] [Medium] [Large]
Primary demographic appearance: [Younger (mostly less than 40 years old)] [Mix (a good mix of below and above 40 years old)] [Older (mostly 40+ years old)]
Was greeted/welcomed and/or made to feel welcome: [Once or twice] [About three to eight times] [There was a whole lot of welcoming/maybe too much]
Service Started: xx.xxAM
Service Finished: xx.xxAM

Contact this church:
Web-links: Main church [nil/unknown], youth [nil/unknown], other [nil/unknown], blog [nil/unknown]

Faiths Faces Kelowna


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