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Faiths Faces Kelowna

This is a personal experience exploration of the different churches, temples, mosques, etc. in Kelowna. Through this weekly experience, I hope to become more spiritually-oriented, while getting to experience different religions, and different slants on the Christian experience.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

St. Charles Garnier Parish Kelowna

Address: 3645 Benvoulin Rd, Kelowna V1W 4M7
Date & Service Attended: July 23 2006, 8:30AM
Pastor/Priest/Leader: Wayne Pfliger

Sermon: The new church allowed both Jew and Gentile to come together in worshipping God. The new God presented by Jesus wasn't like the old God who was seen as a rule giver and enforcer. The new God was kind and forgiving and open. However, many Jews could not accept that Jesus was the embodiment of God on Earth. The Pharisees (priests/pastor etc. old the old Jewish religion) also could not accept this, as they were held to be the interceders/interpreters of God.

Very short sermon, very limited "tie-in" today's world.

Other parts of the service: Traditional Catholic, prayers, hymns, small readings.

My feelings/thoughts: Similar to last week (a Catholic service also), the service is so filled with ritual that made me feel like I didn't know the secret handshake. No guide handed out to the service, so as a newcomer, you really don't know where you are going. No multi-media to help you along.

The Catholic Church, based on my two experiences so far, seems to be an insiders club. To some extent, it seems to me like they are the Pharisees of old. Lots of rituals that I couldn't understand, and without explanation. Even the pastor doesn't say who he is.

It all seems needlessly mysterious to a faith that should be - in my opinion - striving to welcome newcomers. But I suppose that many comfortable with the rituals don't see how it can be intimidating to newcomers who lack the years and years of practice.

Even the service is set out in a handbook that outlines the weekly service for an entire year. This seems, to me, to be very rigid, which is exactly what happened with the Pharisees, says the Catholic Encyclopedia.

However, I also have a strong bias towards a meaningful sermon, and when that is lacking, I feel disappointed, cheated even. I prefer one good sermon with some tie-in to today's world, to one hundred rituals that others may find comforting. So this definitely colours my view of today's service.

Other things: No comment.

My own very personal ranking on the service and sermon overall: [Not Really for Me]

Religion: [Christian]
Denomination: Catholic
Size of Congregation: [Medium]
Primary demographic appearance: [Older (mostly >40 years old)]
Was greeted/welcomed, made to feel welcome: [Once or twice]
Service Started: 8:30AM
Service Finished: 9:30AM

Contact this church:
Phone: 860-6776
Web-links: Unknown

Faiths Faces Kelowna


At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a different experience of the Catholic Church you should vist a mass as St. Charles Sunday Evenings at 7PM. This mass is more oriented to youth and newcommers. Depending on the paster (its a Kelowna wide event so different priests from all over are there on different weeks) the sermons can really reach out to you. The 8:30 AM mass at St. Charles is known as the "older" mass, and was not the best one to experience.

At 6:35 AM, Blogger William said...

I'm very surprised, that you have only one comment to your research, perhaps your publicity machine is non-functional?
Since your church visits and postings, can I assume that you have completed some further study into Catholic worship and the centrality of the mass for Catholics? If you haven't, then a brief outlay if I may.
The Roman Catholic mass is based on Jesus' command at the last supper to his disciple's, 'Do this in memory of me'. From the very beginning, the Church has been faithful to this command and every day, and most especially on Sunday, the day of Christ's resurrection, we gather to do just that, we keep Jesus' command.
And there's the deeper significance. Just as God promised the Jews after the Passover that, if they kept the Passover (Exodus Ch 12 v 17), He would be with them and save them, so too we believe that by keeping the mass and breaking bread in Christ's name, He (Jesus) is truly present to us (Luke Ch 22 v 19-20).
Of course the mass requires faith and some instruction on the different parts of the mass is necessary. For a stranger to walk in off the street with know knowledge of the mass and hope to understand what's taking place, that would be difficult to do.
Our Catholic Church is welcoming of all people, and a desire to know anything about us is always welcome.
There are many courses available in many parishes that cater for those who wish to learn more. A sincere request for instruction will be warmly welcomed by most, if not all priests of God's Church.
I attach a link to a lovely site which gives an in-depth explanation of the mass. Worth a look if anyone is genuinely serious about learning more about us.
God bless

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Alda said...

Hi Jay, I have not seen any more postings from you, so I wonder if your quest for "different views" is over. In any case, we would like to invite you to join us for the 10:30 Mass on Sundays at St. Charles Garnier. Please consider our invitation for it is sent from the heart and made in good faith.
I'll keep checking for new postings.
May God bless you,

At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a longtime member of St. Charles I must say that each mass has a different crowd and a different feel to it. The Sunday night mass there has a band and multi-media and is probably a little more what you are used to experiencing at a protestant church. Basing your opinion on the 8:30 mass is not the greatest thing to do. Even die hard Catholics will tell you this mass can be rather traditional and most people who attend that time are older and appreciate this. At the 7:30 mass many parishners hang around after for coffee snacks and fellowship.

At 9:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an interesting journey you are taking. I think all your comments should be seriously considered. It is always so refreshing to see things through new eyes and the various places you visit should hear your comments without becoming defensive. All good wishes to you.

At 8:16 AM, Blogger SCG GreenCommittee said...

ANONYMOUS SHOULD GO BACK and experience another service with his heart and not his mind!

At 9:31 PM, Blogger drandy said...

I was there a few times with my wife during Easter and we loved it there.
Highly recommended!!!


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